Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Presenting at KScope can change your life

Back in 2008 I was invited by Scott Spendolini to speak about my experiences with Oracle APEX at the German telecom shops at the KScope conference in New Orleans.

It was a truly great experience. 

At that time the system I had built was one of the larger deployments of Oracle APEX known in the community serving 6.000 users in the 800 telecom shops in Germany with 400.000 hits per day on the system.

Not only could I showcase what I had built with Oracle APEX 2.2 but I could even get more connected with the Oracle APEX community. It was awesome.

I had the chance to meet many people from the Oracle forums in person, like Scott Spendolini, Patrick Wolf, Dimitri Gielis, Roel Hartman, Karen Cannell, Anton Nielsen, John Scott but also many people from the APEX team itself like Mike Hichwa, Joel Kallman, Carl Backstrom, David Peake, Scott Spadafore and many others.

On this conference you will certainly meet the most members of the APEX team itself. It is a great opportunity to get in touch with the people in person ... this just makes a HUGE difference. So whenever you might need support later on ... your name will be known and people understand that you contribute just as well. It makes a difference !

From that time on in 2008 I got hooked and got more and more involved in the community. Each project became an opportunity to research yet another interesting topic for the next conference.

And I presented each year (I missed Long Beach ... what a bummer :( ) until now ... and I will submit again this week ... because the deadline is coming close ( 14.10.2016 ) !!!

This conference sets itself apart not only by the extremely high class content but also by the social activities, there is soo much going on. They always select really nice locations, everybody is relaxed and has so much fun. The APEX presentations are typically well attended ... even more than from the other tracks.

I can only encourage you to submit your presentation since the deadline is coming up soon: 14.10.2016 !!!

In order to submit a really compelling presentation, please read up these posts for guidance:
And remember ... we need presenters on all levels: beginners, intermediates and experts.

Hope to see you in San Antonio at KScope 2017 !!!


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