Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book on APEX and XE published

Finally! My first book on Oracle APEX has just been published and is available for sale now! Would make for a great Christmas present :)

I have teamed up with Jens-Christian Pokolm (a long time DBA from Postbank Systems, regular presenter at various Oracle conferences) and Denes Kubicek (Oracle ACE and APEX developer of the year, you know him ;).

Jens-Christian covered the Oracle XE part and Denes and me both worked on the APEX parts.

We took a very practical approach writing about the best practices we have developed through the years and many successful projects.

The book is available only in German, sorry ;).

We also provide a website for the book (http://www.apex-xe-praxis.de). How was it built? Certainly we have used Oracle APEX and XE, what else? Proof of concept ;).

Cheers and have a great Christmas,