Sunday, July 26, 2009

Speaking at OOW 2009

I have just gotten my speaker invitation for Oracle Open World 2009 in San Francisco (October 11-15).

So far I have been talking about APEX at two ODTUG conferences and three DOAG conferences in Germany. So, this time it will be OOW.

Once again I will be talking about an alternative PDF printing solution with Oracle APEX, Jasper Reports:

ID#: S307883
Title: PDF printing with APEX - a cost-free alternative

I have already held the presentation at the last ODTUG conference in Monterey and the presentation was well received. There seems to be a big interest in this solution (PDF printing with APEX). Even for me, this was the reason I had built the integration in the first place ;).

I am pretty sure to have the integration kit ready to be released to the public by then. Currently I am still pretty much engaged in my customer projects and writing a book on APEX (and XE), together with Denes Kubicek and Jens-Christian Pokolm.
It will be in German only and - hey, we are already on Amazon :)

Oracle APEX und XE in der Praxis

One more thing about OOW 2009. I am really looking forward to seeing you guys again at OOW. Who will be going and where will you be staying in SF? I still have to make my reservation for a hotel.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mike Hichwa talking about APEX 4.0

On the last ODTUG conference in Monterey Mike Hichwa was giving a presentation on the new features of the upcoming release 4.0 of Oracle Application Express.

You can see the presentation slides and here the complete presentation here, since the ODTUG folks have recorded this session as well as a few others and put them online.

Lots of interesting features are coming :).

Have fun,

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

So Funny

The photos from the last ODTUG conference in Monterey are online available.

It was really good seeing all my friends again. These conferences are really like family reunions - just without the fights ;).

Here I am talking to Joel Kallman and Marc Sewtz.

I also talked to Mike Hichwa about the one or the other new feature I would like to see in the product. Although now I do wonder what he might be thinking about my constant suggestions ;).

It looks like just one too many ;). (Thanks to Patrick for pointing this out).

It was so much fun hanging out with all of you again.