Thursday, May 31, 2012

JasperReportsIntegration howto article republished

Hi guys,

this article has been published already two years ago in the ODTUG magazine, but it should still work the same way:

If you have any issues, please let me know.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Join me at the DOAG Development Conference in Bonn (14.06.2012)

Typically, the DOAG e.V. is hosting its yearly conference in Nuremberg. The DOAG is the German Oracle User Group and the DOAG conference is the premier event in Germany focusing on everything Oracle. There you will find all kinds of presentations for developers, DBAs, management and so forth.

For the first time though, the DOAG will host a smaller conference in Bonn, solely for Oracle developers. The conference covers the following four tracks: "PL/SQL and APEX", "Java and Open Source", "Forms, Reports, ADF, BI-Publisher", "BPM and Softwarearchitecture".
Find the complete conference program as PDF online.

You can get more information on the conference website, you can also register online. 

If you like you can join me there, I will be presenting on "from Oracle Reports to Jasper Reports": 
Many customers are moving away from Oracle Forms to other alternatives. Oracle APEX is an especially interesting option because it leverages existing Oracle database skills (SQL and PL/SQL) nicely. But what about your existing Oracle Reports? This presentation will cover the open source solution, JasperReports, as a viable alternative. The session will cover the typical use cases and design patterns used when building reports in Oracle Reports and how to implement them using JasperReports. You will learn how to get started with JasperReports and how to integrate that functionality into your APEX applications.

Presenting at ODTUG KScope in June

This year from the 24th to the 28th of June I will be attending the ODTUG KScope conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Here is what ODTUG says about the conference:
ODTUG Kscope12 is the place to be for the Oracle technical community in 2012. If you are a developer, architect, technical lead, or database administrator who works with Application Express, Business Intelligence, Oracle EPM; including Hyperion products, Essbase, Planning; Database Development or Fusion Middleware, Kscope12 is where you should be. It’s hard to find a conference that’s big enough to attract world renowned speakers and small enough to get the chance to share knowledge. Kscope12 is that conference.
I could not agree more. It is really fun to meet up with all my friends from the Oracle APEX community, learn about the new features of the upcoming Oracle APEX release firsthand from the developers and get in touch with sooo many excellent developers from around the world. This is definitely the most important conference for any Oracle developer to attend.

This year I will have two presentations:
Cheers and looking forward to seeing you there,

Saturday, May 05, 2012

JasperReportsIntegration - new support forums available

I have just published my new support forums for my JasperReportsIntegration kit (

You can find it here:

Please post all of your questions about JasperReports and the integration here, you can also place your enhancement requests there.


Oracle Reports to JasperReports-I need your questions

Hi guys,

at the next ODTUG conference ( I will be speaking about about moving your existing reports written in Oracle Reports to JasperReports.

Since many people are moving away from Oracle Forms, Oracle APEX seems to be a natural choice, since you can leverage your existing PL/Skills as well as your existing PL/SQL business logic nicely.

But what about your reporting needs? What alternative will you choose for your existing reports written in Oracle Reports?

What questions would be interesting for making a choice and migrating your reports?

Here are a few samples:
  • are there any license costs involved?
  • are all features that we need, supported? What are these features, that YOU need?
  • are there any limits, e.g. the size of the files that can be generated?
  • how can JasperReports integrated into my APEX application and secured?
  • is it performant?
  • is there a batch interface like rwcli? 
What are your questions?