Thursday, June 23, 2011

Have fun at ODTUG Kaleidoscope

I hope all of you guys will have a hell of a time at ODTUG KScope11 ( ) in California :).

Yepp, I do envy and miss you guys. I would have loved to be a part of this wonderful community ... again. This is the best conference in the world regarding Oracle development topics and Oracle APEX in particular ... all the experts ... the development team is there ... excellent !!!

Still being overworked dealing with too many projects at the same time I had to make a decision ... say NO once in a while ;). Thus I have decided to skip all conferences and all other opportunities for new projects until the end of the year. Once my life is in line again ... I'll be back ... definitely next year at ODTUG :))


Oracle DDL Extraction Scripts (v0.9.0.0) released

Finally I have managed to document and release the scripts we use in our client projects to extract all DDL statements from our development instance into the filesystem.

They were announced in Chapter 9: Lifecycle Management in the book Expert Oracle Application Express.

You can find more details, the scripts and the documentation here: .

Cheers and enjoy,

Expert Oracle Application Express book published

I guess I am the last one to blog about the new APEX book:  Expert
Oracle Application Express
. ;).

The following 13 authors have contributed a chapter each to this excellent technical book on Oracle APEX 4.0.
Thanks a lot to John Scott for making this book happen!!! Aside from being a great effort from a truly technical point of view (getting 13 experts to write about their area of expertise :), it is also for a good cause !

Many of you might have heard about the deaths from Carl Backstrom and Scott Spadafore from the Oracle APEX development team. All royalties from the book sales will go to their families. They will be split 50/50 between the two memorial funds.

The book is available on Amazon, make sure to get a copy :).

You can find more details on John's blog.


Expert Oracle Application Express

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Issue with JasperReportsIntegration and the XML DB Listener

Hi guys,

I have helped somebody troubleshoot an issue with my JasperReportsIntegration kit. Although he had followed the instructions correctly, the report wouldn't show in the application.

It worked correctly when calling the j2ee application in the tomcat directly, but not when calling the report using the plsql interface xlib_jasperreports (which calls the j2ee server using utl_http)

The issue is related to the XML DB listener (also the primary http listener of Oracle XE) not supporting the http 1.1 standard. Since the XML DB listener only supports the 1.0 standard, the http parameter chunked transfer encoding is not working properly. 

When calling the report through my JasperReportsIntegration toolkit you would either see an empty report or nothing at all.

See this thread for more details and your options:

Also, this problem will not crop up when you use a plain Apache as a proxy to your XE installation.