Tuesday, April 15, 2014

JasperReportsIntegration - Full path requirement and workaround

I have just posted an answer to a question that seems like a bug in the JasperReportsIntegration toolkit, that you have to use absolute paths for referencing images or subreports, which is typically a bad thing.

Don't know exactly why it doesn't work, but there is a workaround for that: http://www.opal-consulting.de/site/jasperreportsintegration-full-path-requirement-and-workaround/

Hope that helps,


Unknown said...

It's great to read You, Dietmar, and You still to support Your product, that we use with gratitude! For me Your workaround is comparable with absolute path using.
Anyway thank You with hopes of fixing all bugs in the world ))

Unknown said...

Hi Sasha,

>For me Your workaround is comparable with absolute path using.

Really? Not for me, the path is resolved at runtime, so wherever you deploy it, it is independent of the physical path you are using.

So, again, really?


Unknown said...

Yes, sure, You are right saying about abstract projects of the world ))), or when one project is going to change a place of reports and images.

I meant, that there are no any reasons to replace a code of all reports which already uses an absolute path.

Anyway I do appreciate You for Your attention to that project. It really gives a good way of easy printing in APEX!