Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jasper Reports Ultimate Guide now available for free

Hi guys,

many of you might be using Jasper Reports for designing your reports with Oracle APEX. The documentation provided by Jasper Soft had to be paid for.

I have just noticed that the Ultimate Guide is now available for free! So check it out:

It is not based on the latest version of Jasper Reports but nevertheless useful.



Anonymous said...

can you give info about Jasper licencing or corporate using restriction? I did not find info but it's an important question.

Unknown said...

Hi Apix,

Jasper Reports is available under a LGPLv3 license:

As far as I know you can use it without restriction in your company. The restrictions apply mostly when you embed the reporting functionality into your applications which you DISTRIBUTE to other clients.

iReport is available under GPL. Using the JasperServer possibly more restricted.

But beware, this is my personal view on these things and NOT ANY LEGAL ADVICE.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dietmar,
i use your kit with Oracle XE, Oracle Apex and Tomcat 7.0.

Sometimes the pdf report have strange characters, in the call i use the parameters _repLocale='IT_it' and _repEncoding='UTF-8'.

Can you help me, please? Thanks,

Unknown said...

Hi Sergio, could you please post your question here: ?

This way I can keep all questions and answers consolidated in one place and searchable for all other users of my integration kit.