Saturday, May 05, 2012

Oracle Reports to JasperReports-I need your questions

Hi guys,

at the next ODTUG conference ( I will be speaking about about moving your existing reports written in Oracle Reports to JasperReports.

Since many people are moving away from Oracle Forms, Oracle APEX seems to be a natural choice, since you can leverage your existing PL/Skills as well as your existing PL/SQL business logic nicely.

But what about your reporting needs? What alternative will you choose for your existing reports written in Oracle Reports?

What questions would be interesting for making a choice and migrating your reports?

Here are a few samples:
  • are there any license costs involved?
  • are all features that we need, supported? What are these features, that YOU need?
  • are there any limits, e.g. the size of the files that can be generated?
  • how can JasperReports integrated into my APEX application and secured?
  • is it performant?
  • is there a batch interface like rwcli? 
What are your questions?



ranaguir said...

When migrating from Reports 6i, it's very important direct printing. How can we send reports direct to the printer?

Unknown said...

Hi ranaguir,

excellent question.

The facility is generally available ( ).

Would you need that in my JasperReportsIntegration kit (

Then you can add an enhancement request here:


Unknown said...

How the connectivity performance between jasper report & Oracle db, as Oracle report have builtin connection to connect to the db. what about the Jasper report?

Unknown said...

Hi Unknown,

sorry for the late response.

I don't see any performance issues using the thin jdbc driver instead of the oci driver with Oracle.

See here (and the further links):

Even Oracle recommends using the thin driver over the oci driver.


Unknown said...

Hello Dietmar,

We are currently looking for alternative tool to convert our existing Oracle Reports 11g to another tool.
Can you recommend any document/link with the roadmap for converting Oracle Reports to Jasper?

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Unknown said...

Thanks for reply. Is there any tool to convert the Oracle Report to Jasper.

Unknown said...


no, not that I would know of.

Even PITTS (who are known for Oracle Reports analysis for migration purposes) are only targeting Oracle BI Publisher as a possible migration target.

Well, I could build a conversion tool If you would be willing to pay for that ;).


Pamela said...

Hi ,
I have a project at my university and i have to list the differences between Jasper and Oracle reports , to be more specific i have to find out Jasper Reports added capabilities compared to let's say report builder in oracle, and use it to create data visualizations and reports.

Can you please help me with this topic ?

Unknown said...

Hi Pamela,

I have not exactly researched what you are searching for ... but I have looked at the typical use cases when using Oracle Reports and how to implement that using JasperReports:

Hope that helps.

Good luck,

Unknown said...

If this thread is still alive I would like to know if its a good idea to migrate to APEX instead of jasperreports due to the limitations of latter to handle plsql code and triggers. reformatting all our reports will be too much work for us considering we have 50 odd reports with complex logic

Unknown said...

Well, these kinds of reports will have to be rewritten anyhow ... no matter which technology you choose.

But JasperReports can handle plsql code and triggers, here is my old presentation:

I could possibly give you access to the samples when you shoot me an email.