Thursday, March 08, 2012

JasperReportsIntegration available

I have just released a bugfix for version 1.3.0, it is version
The new version and the updated documentation is available here:


raoul said...

In de demo app there is a button to make the report a blob and show it within your application. Is there a way to show it in a popup window? I took a look and the code but couldn't figure out how the page is created within my application.

Unknown said...

Do you have the source code available for JasperReportsIntegration- I'm curious in seeing if I can add another report format type. I'd like to render a report as a single image.


Unknown said...

Hi Jason,


I have provided an interface for calling the following exporters:
- pdf
- rtf
- html
- xls
- xlsx
- docx
- pptx
- jxl
- csv

I am not aware that there is an exporter to generate an image file:

BTW, what do you expect to happen when a report contains possibly 100 pages?

Perhaps I would try to use a different piece of software to convert a pdf or rtf into a gif after the JasperReportsIntegration is done.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Unknown said...

Hi Jason,

I was a bit too fast.

It seems like the JRGraphics2DExporter could do the trick.

But one question remains. What should happen when the report produces 10 pages?
Do you want to be able to give it a page number you want the image being generated for? Or do you want to have a HUGE image including all pages?

What image formats do you need, will jpeg be enough?


Unknown said...

Hi Dietmar,
Have you ever tried to install the JasperReportsIntegration on a Oracle Weblogic server?
We are struggeling with the configuration of the datasources.
Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
Guido Zeelen

Unknown said...

Hi Guido,

no, I haven't installed it on Weblogic yet. But I am working on a new release where I embed the Oracle JDBC layer into the war file, then the configuration will be identical on all j2ee servers.