Thursday, June 25, 2009

ODTUG2009 - PDF Printing

On Tuesday I have been presenting on ODTUG Kaleidoskope 2009 in Monterey / California. The presentation was about "PDF Printing with APEX - A cost free alternative". There I have shown and detailed the integration of the open source Java reporting engine "JasperReports" into Oracle Application Express for PDF and RTF printing.

For designing the reports you can easily use the graphical design tool "iReport Designer". It will generate the report definition file for you.

The combination of JasperReports and iReport Designer is a real good alternative to the very expensive reporting solution using the BI-Publisher.

You can download the presentation slides from here.

I will make this integration available for free! Right now I have very many things on my list to do, but I will make it available in the future.

If you are interested in such an integration, please drop me a note at:



Carsten said...

Hallo Dietmar,

danke für das Slide. Wirklich sehr informativ.

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you :)
this is something I was searching (we have a iAS 10gR2 forms/reports application - which users of our software finds expensive to license iAS EE - this will be a super alternative.

Peter said...

i wuld like to use jasper reports as an alternative reporting system in an apex 3.2/oracle 10g environment. could u post integration advisory

Fernando Jose Andrade said...

Hello Dietmart.
Thanks for the information. Didn't know jasper reports can be used with Apex. The presentation link is broken could you fix it. Regards


Unknown said...

Hi Fernando,

sorry there was a temporary server problem.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Dietmar,

Please could you provide, some documentation or example for how to configure and integrate jasper report with apex. I have been searching a lot for this, and have not found much yet.
I really need to get pdf printing for my app going, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! in advance.


Unknown said...

Hello Dietmart.
I have been searching a lot for jasper integration with apex, and have not found much yet.
Please could you provide documentation or examples, please?

Thanks! in advance.

Sergio Coutinho said...

Hello Dietmart.
Do you have any documentation or examples about how to integrate APEX with JASPER?
Best regards,

Unknown said...

Hi, did you have a look at ?

There you can find the download of the integration package as well as the documentation for it.