Friday, June 26, 2009

ODTUG2009 - Excel Generation With jXLS Templates

On wednesday morning (08:00 am, really early) I have been presenting at ODTUG Kaleidoskope 2009 in Monterey / California.
The presentation was about "Generating complex Excel reports with APEX and jXLS".

There I first covered your basic choices when it comes to exporting data to Microsoft Excel.
Then I showed how to integrate the open source library jXLS into your APEX applications in order to generate complex Excel sheets using a templating approach.

In more general terms this was a showcase on how to integrate any kind of open source java library into you Oracle applications.

Since I have just loaded java classes into the database and made them available via a pl/sql wrapper, you can use them in any language accessing the Oracle database and calling the interface via pl/sql.

Thus, you can leverage this in applications using Forms, Reports, APEX, PHP, Java, ... You name it.

You can download the presentation slides here.

If anybody is interested, I will put up an example on how to integrate a java framework into your APEX application.

Are you interested?



Unknown said...

"Are you interested?"

Yes! Please tell me more =)

Can you post an example please.

Denis S. said...

This would be certainly useful

Tony Miller said...

YES, VERY MUCH SO..... Sorry for the caps, but just want to be sure you know how excited I would be to see this!!

Martin D'Souza said...

Hi Dietmar,

It was nice seeing you again at the ODTUG conference. I'm very interested in a demo app for this!

Thank you,


Tobias Arnhold said...

Hi Dietmar,

I would really appreciate such an integration example.


Algis said...

Would be very nice to see this Java integration life ;)

Best regards,

Rory said...

Yes... extremely interested.

Binepal said...

Ya Sure, You Betcha!


Yes, It's more greateful if you can explain more on this topic


Anonymous said...

I was at your presentation in Monterey. It looks real useful. I need more example code to make it work for me. Yes Yes we are interested. Please post example code.

ranaguir said...

Hello, can you please post the example code?


Sayan Guharoy said...

I have also added a similar link about report generation using JXLS,the main catch in jxls is that it is pretty similar to JSTL syntactically...have a look

Unknown said...

Hi Sayan,

yes, that is a good example. In order to integrate that into our APEX applications we also needed to pass the template together with the generated data from the database to the servlet.

>the main catch in jxls is that it is pretty similar to JSTL
Yes, for me it equates to "jXLS = MS Excel + Velocity", i.e. using a templating engine on top of a native MS Excel sheet.


Sayan Guharoy said...

i agree with you thoroughly

Just as an update i added few more notes to my jxls venture

this is the updated link

Unknown said...

Hi Sayan,

well done :).

I like the jXLS project a lot, it is a good abstraction of concerns.