Monday, December 10, 2012

Speaking at ODTUG's KScope 13 in New Orleans

My abstracts for Oracle Application Express have just been accepted for presentation at ODTUG Kscope13, June 23-27, at the New Orleans Sheraton in New Orleans, LA:
  • APEX + XE: a cookbook for a secure setup 
  • A spotlight on the smaller improvements of APEX 4.2 
This is THE best conference for Oracle developers worldwide. 900 abstracts have been submitted this year and it was a real challenge to decide what will make it and what not.

Really looking forward to New Orleans. In 2008 I was speaking at ODTUG for the first time in New Orleans.

It was so cool and we had such a good time with my friends Patrick Wolf, Joel Kallman and Carl Backstrom.

Carl, we miss you!!!

See you at New Orleans,


Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention me????!!!! btw, my abstract got accepted as well..see you soon!


Unknown said...

I am soo sorry not to have mentioned the coolest of all dudes :).

It was a pleasure and honor to meet you at my first ODTUG my friend ... just didn't make it onto the pictures ... busy doing something else ? ;)

Cheers and see you in New Orleans :),

APEX Developer In the USA said...

Congrads on your presentations being accepted.. I too am attending KScope 2013, and I am bring along my secret weapons... (my wife {who was the inspiration for my company name} & son, who help keep me on track and in line..)

Hopefully we can meet up and again and talk further, because I really did enjoy talking with in San Antonio..

Thank you & Happy Holidays!

Tony Miller
Ruckersville, VA

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,

thanks and yes, looking forward to seeing you again.

Good to have such secret weapons :).