Thursday, July 12, 2012

JasperReports Online Training-free modules

JasperSoft provides online training for JasperReports and the iReport designer. You can find it here:

Some of the content is free, some of the content is being charged for with a monthly subscription around $200 per month.

One free nugget you should propably have a look at is the configuration of the iReport Table Component.

If that link won't work over time any more, this is how I got there: Home > Services > Training > Online Learning Portal > Enabling Report Interactivity with the Table Component.

Why is that important? In order to have an additional detail query in your report you would have to create a subreport to achieve that. Using subreports requires you to use additional files for each detail query.

Using the Table Component is an alternative approach to that being able to use a subquery within the current report definition - no longer having to use a separate file.

Although this feature is around for a long time (I guess for a year or two) it is not well documented. So you should definitely have a look.


Update 12.07.2012: Here is another link:

I have also updated the link for the configuration of the iReport Table Component, it was broken.

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