Saturday, September 04, 2010

Jasper Reports Integration v1.1.0.0

I have just published version of my Jasper Reports Integration package for integrating Jasper Reports into your Oracle APEX applications. There is no dependency on a specific APEX version nor on the database version.

You can find more information here:

What can you do with it? Creating high-fidelity print ready reports in PDF, RTF, XLS and other formats using a really good report designer (iReport). And the best about it ... it is for free !

What are the major changes?
  • Upgrade of the libraries to Jasper Reports 3.7.4. Before, only reports created with iReport version 3.6.0 and below could have been run with this integration kit. Now the most up-to-date version of the JasperReports libraries are included. 
  • Instructions for using the integration on Oracle 11.x was added. In order to use http callouts one has to configure the access control lists (ACL) for accessing external network resources. 
Please let me know if anything is not working or when a new version of Jasper Reports is coming out and you need the updated libraries for running the reports.

Cheers and enjoy,


Linh Dinh said...

Hi Dietmar,

thanks for this awesome integration package. Working with XSL-FO and Apache FOP is a pain in the ass and Jasper Reports is the best alternative report framework instead of using BI-Publisher.

As far as I can remember, I requested the possibility to send HTTP request with POST method instead of GET, because of the limitation of 255 Bytes per request. It is a hint making this amazing package perfect ;)

Thanks again for your support and cu in Bensheim!

Cheers Linh

Unknown said...

Hi Linh,

ok, I will put your request on the todo list. Thank you for your input to improve the package.

Looking forward to Bensheim :).


Anonymous said...

Hi Dietmar,

Well done, this is a great piece of work. I'd like to know though, is it possible to interact with a report in a way that allows the user to use operators. equals always works, what of <, >, >=, <=, <>

How would one build an apex interface, and/or the jasper report, that allows this.



Unknown said...

Hi Femi,

please provide an example or use case. Do you want to use these operators within the report? How?


Anonymous said...

Hi Deitmar,

For example, I have a report that select all employees from the EMP table, but i want an interface in apex that allows me to select all employees where DEPT=10, or on the other hand I might want to select all employees with DEPT>20.

Is there a way a single interface in APEX could pass parameters to a single report allowing for flexible operators, and not just equals.



Anonymous said...

I've set up XE with APEX 4.0.1 and Listener 1.02 (latest).

When I install the JRI, the orai18n.jar in the Tomcat/lib (needed for the JRI) causes the Listener to fail:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: oracle.i18n.text.OraBoot.getCharsetMaxCharLen(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/lang/String;

Is there a work-around for this?

Is it possible to change the path to orai18n.jar for the JRI?


ziZov said...

Dear Deitmar,
I would like to take the chance to thank you for the valuable output and thoughtful effort.

I have built a similar project to this mid 2009 and ever since I've been trying to release it as open source.

I've finally managed to do so, and a forum user has pointed out that you are now definitely more on the same track than on a different one.

I've replied to the forum thread below with what I think is correct, I respect and value your feedback so I'm inviting your to leave your comments (rants and raves :) ) at the forum.

And JAPEX (that's what i call it) is at

Unknown said...

Hi Mohamed,

that is an interesting project you have started.

I am too heavily overworked, thus I cannot make any signicant comments or contributions.

Cheers and best of luck :),

Anonymous said...

Can I replace the jasperReports libraries that you used in your JEE app (3.7.4) with the new one from engine 3.7.6 ?
Or you have to make another version of JEE app ?
An how-to upgrade jasperReports engine would be appreciated.
In other words , it is a great integration and a must have for an Apex developer.


Mike said...

Thank u sir for the wonderful job you did by providing Jasperreportsintegration.

I used the earlier version 1.1.0 with glassfish J2ee server and it works very well. But I am having data-source challenge with the latest version. I configured the data-source as i did with the earlier version, but it keeps complaining that it doesn't see the data-source. Please can you help me with a step by step way of making this latest version work with glass fish server, if it supports glass fish server. Thanks for your effort in making things easier for us.

Mike Onuoha

Unknown said...

Hi Mike,

I have just sent you the fix for your problem.

An official fix is currently in the making and will be made available in a few days.


Unknown said...

I have just released a bugfix for version 1.3.0, it is version
The new version and the updated documentation is available here:

Direct download:
Change log / release notes:

Cheers and best regards,