Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goodbye Carl, we will miss you

Since I have heard about the death of Carl Backstrom, I am still totally shocked. I had the pleasure to meet him personally at OOW 2007 and at ODTUG 2008 in New Orleans this year. We all had a great time and he is a person who will certainly be remembered.

He left a mark on this world! He was very friendly, always helpful and very passionate about his work. And he was very good at it, too.

It really touches me and reminds me at the same time to always live our lives to the fullest!

Carl, we already miss you and wish you the best wherever you are now.



Anonymous said...

Dietmar, I had the same thoughts you had. Although I didn't know Carl personally, I am so sad. He was so young, and he was father... it just feels so wrong.

Anonymous said...

I signed on to the Apex Forum on Wednesday to post a minor issue in 3.1.2 and found this sad news... why must it always be the good ones who have to go so early? It still seems unreal to me.