Friday, March 21, 2008

APEX Advanced Training in Germany - a success!

We (Denes Kubicek, Patrick Wolf and Dietmar Aust) finally held our first APEX Advanced Training in Germany.

The class was quickly booked out having 30 participants. It was a true success judging by the feedback from the participants. And we truly enjoyed it, too.

The class covered the complete life cycle of an APEX project, starting with the analysis and planning, design, indepth coverage of the implementation, PDF reporting alternatives, forms, reports, tabular forms, AJAX, Javascript and ended with the deployment, change propagation and administration.

We also covered the ApexLib framework and other extensions as well as our favourite tools we work with. It was the essence of all the lessons we have learned in our previous projects delivering successful and scalable APEX solutions.

During the evenings we joined the group for another hands-on session from 7-9 pm. They were given the opportunity to discuss the samples of the class as well as their problems in their current projects. This opportunity and the extensive sample application was perceived as a big plus of the class.

We were especially happy to have Carsten Czarski from Oracle join us with a presentation. He was talking about the various possibilities to leverage the Oracle database features in APEX applications, i.e. XML, web services, Oracle Text and Analytic Functions. He also talked about the current release 3.1 of APEX as well as the upcoming features in 4.0.

We will shortly announce the next training which will be held in June in Munich.



Anonymous said...

It was a success indeed. Perfect organisation and an almost 24/7 training experience: When I left the after dinner sessions between 9 and 10 (p.m.) there where still more than half the participants around to work on their projects and have their questions answered by the absolutely dedicated instructors.

Those three days where very helpful, mind-boggling and exhausting. I'm still recovering ;-)

Thanks to all three of you!

Anonymous said...

The training was very good and very helpful. It gives me security for further projects of APEX. Thank you.

Many greetings

Unknown said...

Hi Sabine, hi Cliff,

thank you very much for your positive feedback, we appreciate it :).

It has been great fun for us, too. This is the wonderful thing about the APEX community - great people!