Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back online ...

Hi guys,

I have been offline for quite a while being busy with my Apex projects at my clients ;). Apex is really taking off!!!

And just recently my little and beautiful daughter Lavinia Alessia Marie was born!!!

The first album on Flickr

The album as a slide show

So this has kept me busy lately. We are really happy and things are going well.

Happy posting again.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Christine, as you say I'm sure you're going to have less hours in the day from now on in!

Alex said...



Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Dietmar,

it really seams that APEX is taking off. I'm also looking at APEX already for some time, just have put together a generic solution for dynamic LOVs with AJAX. Maybe it's usefull for your projects. Details can be found at my blog.