Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I have started this BLOG to spread the word on the really cool web development framework HTML DB and the free Oracle database Oracle Express Edition (XE) .

Enjoy the ride!



Anonymous said...

I have started writing articles for the new users of Oracle XE. The titles of these articles may be found at my web site:
http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/hodentek and I am prepared to help others by email or through seminars if they can find a place.
Check out my listing of tutorials at the above link.
The following articles will appear at www.aspfree.com in a couple of eeks:
Experience the possibilities with Oracle 10g Express Edition
Using Query Builder in the Oracle 10g Express Edition
Learning to query in Oracle XE
Step-By-Step guidance in Importing data from Oracle XE to SQL 2005

Unknown said...

Could you please post an article on performance of APEX on XE. I find that it is not really that snappy compared to my 10g installaion at work.

I was wondering what could be done to increase performance. Am i hardware bound or is there any tuning that can be done?

Immanuel i.manual$gmail.com